Apprentice Program

Our apprentices are adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who join our Ramble Opportunities program as a pathway to competitive, integrated employment. We connect with new candidates, and after we’ve confirmed they are a good fit for our apprentice program, we welcome them on as new apprentices!

Our apprentices start by working closely with a job coach where they gain work experience and receive on-the-job training. They are supported in learning skills that will help them in a variety of jobs in various industries such as retail and beyond.

After demonstrating skills proficiency, we promote them to “Master Apprentice,” where they work with less supervision and begin their search for a job of their choice in the community.

Will at Cash Register in Ramble on Pearl

Job Placement

Our Ramble Opportunities team assists our apprentices in exploring career interests, creating resumes, and navigating the application and interview process. Once hired, we provide our graduates with transitional job coaching at no cost to their employer. During this transition, our job coaches help the graduate develop skills proficiency, assimilate into the workplace culture and identify “natural supports” – staff who are capable and willing to mentor our graduates for the long haul. Once settled, they are all set to work independently – and productively!

We stay in touch with our graduates and their employers to ensure they are settling into their new jobs and provide supplemental coaching and support when needed. When it makes sense, our team works with employers in “job carving” – tailoring a specific position to meet the employer’s needs while capitalizing on an apprentice’s strengths. Occasionally we support our graduates with secondary job placements if they are ready for new challenges or other circumstances that lead them to seek new places of employment.

Since our founding, 42 individuals have participated in our programs, and 32 have secured employment while some still work at Ramble on Pearl and a few have been supported with multiple job placements.

Ramble apprentices move from apprentice to fully employed

Ramble Success Stories

Kavita photo at Our Apprentices Pathways Roadmap

Would you like to join our Apprentice program?

Ramble Opportunities provides work experience, paid on-the-job training and assistance in finding competitive, integrated employment. If you are or know an individual who could benefit from our apprentice program, we would love to connect with you!

Interested in hiring a Ramble Apprentice?

Tap into these benefits and services at no cost to you: 

  • Lower Recruitment Costs: We pre-screen job candidates and only refer those whose interests, abilities, and skills match the position you want to be filled. 
  • Reduced Training Costs: Our professional job coaches provide personalized training for your new employee to help them transition successfully into their position. Your staff is then free to focus on their regular job responsibilities.
  • Performance Consultation and Follow-up: After the initial transition training, we conduct periodic follow-up with you and your new employee to ensure your complete satisfaction. Additional training is available if new requirements arise. 
  • Tax and Other Financial Incentives: You may be eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit offered through the Department of Labor. You may also qualify for other financial incentives. Our Job Specialist can help you access these incentives. 
  • Public Image Enhancement:  Demonstrate your social responsibility with a commitment to inclusive hiring practices.