Meet Nino, Master Apprentice

Meet Nino, Master Apprentice

Success Stories 11/25/20

Across Boulder County, hundreds of adults with developmental disabilities are looking to join the workforce. They are capable, willing, and hardworking, just like Master Apprentice Nino, a young professional, Psychology major at CU-Boulder, and an individual on the autism spectrum.

Individuals with developmental disabilities deserve the chance to feel the satisfaction of a job well done. They deserve the connection to community that employment provides.

All they need are some resources, moral support, and that ever-important first job on their resume. And, that’s exactly what our Apprentice Program at Ramble on Pearl is all about.

Ramble helps Nino come out of her shell and learn life skills, like:

  • greeting customers,
  • sharing Ramble’s mission,
  • providing high quality customer service,
  • handling clothes in a retail setting,
  • cleaning the store, and
  • taking initiative!

She has also become more responsible at home, like when taking out the family dog, Ripley, for walks and being more thorough in her household chores.

Nino’s grateful to her mom, who was supportive in helping her connect with the Apprentice Program at Ramble.

Her favorite parts of being an Apprentice are the relaxing atmosphere, focused tasks, and calming music at the store.

Nino says that she is still learning to trust her judgement and take initiative, and is making progress on developing those skills every day!

When working at the store, Nino’s favorite responsibilities on the job include:

  • “beautifying” the store,
  • working in back of the house,
  • steaming clothes,
  • selling at the cash register,
  • and greeting customers.

She’s even promoted Ramble online, with this virtual tour in the video below!

Your Support on Colorado Gives Day Makes our Apprentice Program Possible for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

You help make dreams come true when you contribute to Ramble’s Apprentice Program.

100% of your gift is tax-deductible and supports Ramble on Pearl as we create pathways to employment for adults with developmental disabilities.

Thank you for making Apprentice opportunities possible!

Schedule Your Donation Now

$100 – Sponsor an apprentice with one week of wages at Ramble.

$300 – Sponsor one of our program graduates with one year of monthly check-ins.

$2,500 – Sponsor the wages for an apprentice for the duration of their training at Ramble.

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